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Moringa Vinga Elderberry & Holy Basil

38 customer reviews



We infuse flavorful and antioxidant rich Elderberry with fragrant and adaptogenic Holy Basil leaves for a combination unlike any other! The functional ingredients selected for this infusion support the immune system, aid in sinus and lung respiratory wellness, and support occasional stress.

Our raw, living and nutrient-dense organic concentrates are crafted by slowly infusing powerful and adaptogenic moringa leaves, unfiltered apple cider vinegar (with the mother), wild honey (directly from our bees) and other thoughtfully selected and health-promoting herbs, berries and flowers.

Pure. Never heated. Zero powders, additives, or extracted flavors.

DIRECTIONS: Each 1 oz. serving can be enjoyed daily with sparkling or still water for a functional tonic, mixed with olive oil for a super herb dressing, or used in any number of your own tasty creations. Click here for recipe ideas!

INGREDIENTS: Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother), Organic Moringa Leaves, Organic Elderberry, Organic Holy Basil, Organic Hibiscus Flower, Organic Rose Hips, Organic Orange Peel, Organic Ginger Root, Raw Colorado Honey.

All Moringa Vinga Infusions are handmade in Denver, Colorado and come carefully packaged in a glass container. Shelf-life of at least 18 months, even after opening.


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38 reviews for Moringa Vinga Elderberry & Holy Basil

  1. Kemberley

    The elderberry concentrate has really helped with my allergies and stress level. I had known the benefits of apple cider vinegar, but could never stomach the taste. This products are great and I have not tried a flavor that I did not enjoy.

  2. Meredith Lee McTigue

    Moringa Infusions was introduced to me at a farmers market a year ago. I’ve been a proud consumer ever since. I love all three Moringa Vinga offerings. Mocktails, cocktails, sweet treat, hot tea, juice for my daughter; Moringa Vinga is a staple in our house. I still need to try making salad dressings, oatmeal and other fun creations. I’ve chatted with co-founders, Rachael and Michal a few times. They’re always very helpful and upbeat. I highly recommend Moringa Vinga and the team behind the magic. Thanks!

  3. Erin Bird

    I hands down, cannot stop telling others about this product. Everyone I have shared it with has bought their own. Not only do they taste good but they’re incredibly powerful in holistic care for the body. The biggest impact has been with the Elderberry and Holy Basil (Purple) vinegar. I beat a sinus infection with this product that I knew was starting to move into my throat. I am very susceptible to strep throat and I know that this product aided in combating that fight with me. I was able to feel better, get up, and move my body to tackle my day with this immune support product. I will be a life long customer and can’t thank this team enough.

  4. Claire Cummings

    We love our Moringa! We sampled it at the Denvers Farmers market and my girls (ages 4 and 6) loved it! What was amazing (as they typically are over something after a couple days) is that they continue to ask for their morning Moringa Vinga. I feel good about giving it to them, knowing it helps their immune system, especially during this cold season. Which we have made it through this year with only small colds and nothing worse- we’d like to thank Moringa Vinga for that! Have recommended this to so many friends and will continue to do so!

  5. Jane Simonds

    Moringa is the best!! I’ve been taking the elderberry and basil and I really can feel the difference! I have terrible allergies and this has definitely helped lessen my symptoms. I’m super excited that I’ve found something natural and healthy!

  6. Heidi

    I love adding this to my water, just a touch. But, on a Friday night? I add it to my vodka tonic! BAM! I love knowing my gut health is improved by this stuff (ew, right? But, seriously: gut health matters). Delish, refreshing, healthy. What could be better!

  7. Andrea Blevins

    I love these drinks! I feel so good knowing I’m drinking such a healthy choice and that it tastes amazing.

  8. Laurie Dolan

    Our family loves Moringa Vinga! Even my 6 year old daughter is a big fan! In the summer, we stock up at local farmers markets. In the winter, we leverage the auto-ship feature. I even travel with Moringa Vinga. Delicious!

  9. Virgina Murphy

    I have rheumatoid arthritis and digestive issues. I alternate between the elderberry / holy basil and the ginger/lemongrass each day. Between the two, I have felt better overall for several months now!! I highly recommend Moringa Vinga to anyone with stomach upset or aches and pains.

  10. Linda Schneider

    I began using the Moringa with elderberry and holy basil for my allergies. I have continued my daily medication for my allergies but have cut it in half. The stress relief characteristics of this product has hit a home run in helping me sleep well, which I have not done in years. Best benefits come from taking this right before bed time. I am so thrilled with the monthly subscription so I don’t have to order each month. Great service and a great product.

  11. Sharon

    This product is my go-to drink. No more iced teas or soda.

  12. Kim Pursell

    I have been using this product for a couple of years now and I absolutely love it. Not only is it delicious, but the health benefits are unmatched.

  13. Garrett Pope

    Found out about Moringa Infusions at my local Farmers Market and have been buying their products ever since. Highly recommend for digestion, allergies, skin, or if you care about your well being – cheers to your health!

  14. Sarah Hamilton

    I swear by it and I’m not some hippy groovy person. I want to be healthy and was diagnosed pre diabetic freaked me out. I have been drinking this stuff for almost a year and my last doc visit she wiped pre diabetic off my chart. It helps with everything. Hands down the people who make it ship it and sell it at farmers markets are the real deal too. I have it sent to me on the regular. It’s now an everyday part of my life.

  15. Tara

    After finding this at my local farmers market I can’t go without! I notice a change in my skin, digestion, and overall energy within days of running out. I think the elderberry basil has truly kept my toddler & I healthy over the winter. So thankful they ship now.

  16. SDK

    I’ve never experienced this flavor combo before and the health benefits are amazing!

  17. Amy Larson (verified owner)

    We discovered Moringa Vinga at the Parker Farmer’s Market last summer, and absolutely love it. My new favorite is the Elderberry Holy Basil — a tablespoon in the morning, over ice with a can of flavored sparkling water (bubly, la croix, etc.). I placed my first online order recently; I actually placed the order on a Friday, and it was on my porch by Monday. In fact, they accidentally sent double my order. I contacted them, in an attempt to pay for the extra bottles (because they will be enjoyed!), but they refused to let me “pay for their mistake.” We will continue to be proud consumers and ambassadors of this great company, and their delicious products!

  18. M.Pacheco

    We found these beautiful concoctions at the Farmers Market. The Elderberry and Holy Basil tonic blend is my favorite. It has so much flavor and personality, not to mention the beautiful color it creates when adding sparkling water. I drink this daily, but also for the yummy tartness and health benefits. My children also enjoy this as a “fun” drink. Highly recommend!

  19. Dawn Richard

    I purchased 2 of your vinegars at the South University farmer’s market 2 weeks ago. It has cleared up my daughter’s allergies. She drinks a glass with sparkling water every morning and now has no need to take pills. My daughter is ecstatic that she doesn’t need to take her pills anymore! She drinks the Elderberry and Holy Basil and I drink the Ginger and Lemongrass mixed with sparkling water every morning. Thank you!

  20. Neah Downs (verified owner)

    I have been drinking Moringa Infusions sipping vinegar for over a year now. My favorite is elderberry & holy basil – but I do enjoy all three blends! Moringa earned me as a loyal customer with their small batch quality, absolutely delicious and refreshing elixir – and for the holy basil and moringa which I really think reduces anxiety and inflammation if used as part of a healthy lifestyle. This is a delicious super-food and in the summer is very refreshing with sparkling water!

  21. Kirsten Boson Miller (verified owner)

    I love all the infusions in sparkling water! I choose which one based on my needs that day: immune support, digestive function or a mental enhancement. They always give me boost and I love having healthy mocktail option!

  22. Susan Isabel

    I started with the Elderberry and Holy Basil infusion. It is very tasty and I used to drink regular apple cider vinegar. I am diabetic so I chose this one as Holy Basil is suppose to be good for blood sugar control and is used in several formulations for blood sugar support. Will let you know the effects of this infusion on any future A1C tests.

  23. Loren

    My wife and I have been enjoying the Elderberry Infusion and the Ginger Infusion. We put two tablespoons of the Elderberry and a can of Blackberry flavored Bubbly with ice. We put the Ginger with a can of Line flavored Bubbly. Both are delicious! Feel free to enjoy as we do!

  24. Caroline Colt

    These guys rock! They support deserving non profits with every purchase, the product is amazing!! The elderberry is so yummy with sparkle water, my favorite summer beverage! Thanks for everything you do

  25. Phil Leroux

    This health drink place rules. I like to get the drinks from my local farmers market in Denver and enjoy the elderberry flavor. As I’ve been explained by the friendly people that work there apparently the drinks have like super sick health benefits but tbh I just really like the taste. It’s just like a kinda sweet and tart refreshing beverage, super money. Maybe some day I’ll try the other flavors. Unclear but for sure these drinks slap!

  26. Emma Massie

    Love this stuff helped a lot with my allergies & good to mix with sparkling water

  27. Sue Berkowitz

    I love moringa vinga especially the elderberry/holy basil. During these pandemic times I feel less stressed knowing my daily “dose” of this yummy tasting product is boosting my immune system. I use it mostly as a salad dressing and many times drink it straight. It is not only good for you but is tasty too.

  28. Noelle Freschet

    I LOVE this drink! Everything is local, natural and sooooo tasty!

  29. Claudia B.

    This stuff is so, so delicious! It felt like a splurge getting it, but what with the refreshing taste and the health benefits, and the fact that it lasts for quite a while, it is so absolutely worth it! As soon as I brought it home, explained what it was, and had my not particularly crunchy partner try it, he decided we needed one bottle of each flavor! Highly recommended.

  30. Joycelyn May (verified owner)

    I found out about Moringa Vinga more than a year ago at a Denver farmers market. I have since been drinking a shot of it with warm water every morning. The flavors are great! I’ve mixed it in cocktails and yogurt as well. And these days, who doesn’t want an extra immunity boost!? My subscription arrives on time every month and Moringa Vinga has become a staple in my diet. Keep making great products!

  31. Amy Hafner (verified owner)

    Love these products so much!! I mix the elderberry and lemongrass/ginger ones everyday and love them together! So far I haven’t been sick at all since I’ve started drinking these daily so seeing many benefits! Will update again after a good year of drinking them!

  32. Laurie Oberweather

    My husband and I love making moringa part of our morning routine. We love the energy boost and numerous health benefits we feel it provide. We share the story of moringa infusions every chance possible.

  33. Tara Geary

    I use this everyday and highly recommend the elderberry and holy basil! They are a great Boulder based company and you can find many of their products at farmers markets.

  34. Jonathan Hafemann

    My wife and I love this as a healthy alternative to alcohol. We mix it with sparkling water and find all the flavors to be delicious and nourishing. We especially love the Elderberry during winter and before travel as an immune booster. Great product and made by great people.

  35. Natascha Marie

    I have been drinking the elderberry holy basil a few times each week, either in my morning smoothie or with juice and sparkling water for a mocktail at dinner. Delicious

  36. Jessie (verified owner)

    I was introduced to Moringa Vinga at the Highlands farmers market over the summer and I am a loyal customer now. I love having a few bottles of these in my fridge at all times because I have noticed a huge improvement in my digestion and overall wellbeing!

    They taste wonderful and honestly, they are a little addicting! I love to mix them with either sparkling water and/or kombucha for the ultimate wellness cocktail. So far I love all three flavors but my favorite is the Ginger. I love the Elderberry as well, especially when I am feeling a bit sluggish or my allergies are acting up.

    I just pre-ordered the Lava Vinga and I cannot wait to try it! I am one of those people who loves to chop up a clove of garlic and swallow it when I am feeling sick. Needless to say, I am excited to try the seasonal creation, just in time for cold and flu season.

  37. Jennifer Kelly (store manager)

    Amazing product! I love all three varieties! The elderberry and holy basil formula has really helped with my allergies in the evening. Great taste as well!

  38. Roxanne Govea (store manager)

    I’ve been using Moringa Vinga for a couple of years. The elderberry and holy basil one has been amazing! I have not had to take allergy medicine after using it! During allergy season I was taking Claritin and using Flonase and still having issues. After discovering Moringa at the farmers market and using it regularly I have not had to go back to using allergy medicine or Flonase. The ginger and lemongrass one is also amazing for inflammation! Great product and the best people!!!

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