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3 Super Ingredients To Help With Diabetes Management

Moringa Vinga infusions offer a range of natural ingredients that can all benefit individuals looking for help with Diabetes management such as organic apple cider vinegar (with Mother), organic Moringa leaves, and raw Colorado honey.  Unfiltered vinegar, raw honey, and pure Moringa leaves can help boost the body’s metabolism of sugars, have been known to regulate blood glucose levels, and sometimes can even improve weight loss as well as circulation.

Diabetes Management in the U.S.

Over 34 million Americans live with diabetes, a condition that prevents the body from making enough insulin to manage levels of sugar (glucose) in the blood. While diabetes has a genetic component — meaning it can be passed down from one generation to another — many lifestyle factors influence whether or not someone will develop diabetes. Someone hoping to prevent diabetes can adopt habits such as eating healthily (with plenty of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and lean meats), regularly exercising and abstaining from alcohol and recreational drugs.

Another way to support healthy blood glucose levels is by incorporating herbs and nutritional supplements into your diet. In particular, the ingredients in Moringa Vinga can assist with managing insulin sensitivity and even diabetes. Here, we will discuss the ingredients used in Moringa Vinga infusions and outline how they can help you with diabetes management:


Apple cider vinegar, commonly abbreviated ACV, is made by combining apples and yeast. This mixture is a weak acid, which is one of the reasons it benefits the body in so many ways. ACV has been shown to assist with weight loss and lowering cholesterol levels. It can also play a large part in diabetes management and prevention by possibly helping to decrease blood glucose levels and increase insulin sensitivity.

If you wish to use ACV to help your diabetes, try a small dose before bed. About two hours before bed is ideal since this prevents the chances of acid reflux. Many studies suggest that such timing helps notably lower blood glucose levels upon waking, which is when many individuals with diabetes experience a spike in blood sugar due to digestion overnight. ACV has also been found safe (and effective) to use with diabetes medications such as Metformin.

Moringa Vinga uses raw, organic apple cider vinegar that contains the Mother. The Mother is an unfiltered mass of beneficial protein, bacteria, and yeast that provides added nutrients and enhances the power of the vinegar itself.

While each ounce of our infusions contains a daily dose of ACV, people love the taste because we uniquely blend functional ingredients that maximize the benefits for all.


Several reliable sources note that Moringa leaves contain proteins that mimic those found in insulin. For this reason, Moringa leaves have been regarded as potentially helpful in lowering blood sugar levels. These leaves are thought to help the body regulate and use insulin as well as better process sugars, both natural and artificial. Moringa leaves (from the Moringa Oleifera plant) also contain antioxidants and bioactive materials that can eliminate free radicals in the body. Lower levels of free radicals are known to help prevent conditions like diabetes, cancer, and more.

Moringa is another ingredient that is usually safe to use alongside standard diabetes medications. Some sources note that Moringa leaves can possibly even maximize the effectiveness of Metformin and other similar medications when used regularly. The recommended and acceptable dose of Moringa leaves is usually 2-3 teaspoons per serving.

Before incorporating Moringa into your daily routine, be sure that you use a trusted source. This is crucial because the diabetes-related benefits of Moringa are exclusive to the leaves and not other parts of the plant. Infusions from Moringa Vinga contain only the leaves of organic, naturally-sourced Moringa plants.


You may think that because honey is a sugar, it can’t possibly help someone with diabetes. However, in some instances, small doses of the right kind of honey can be very beneficial in increasing insulin levels and lowering blood sugar levels, particularly in type 2 diabetes.

If you want to add honey to your diet, you can use it to flavor your tea, coffee, oatmeal, or when cooking meals. Be sure to opt for raw, pure, and all-natural honey since these do not contain any added sugar. Honey without sugar will be much easier for the body to break down when you have diabetes.

Raw honey that has never been heated contains beneficial enzymes such as amylase, invertase, peptidase, and glucose oxidase. These enzymes not only have been known to lead to improved digestion, but they in certain cases have specifically helped the body more effectively break down and use sugars.

Honey also has a low glycemic index, meaning it does not contribute to a spike in blood sugar. For this reason, it is possibly one of the best sugar alternatives or substitutes for someone living with diabetes. In combination with other healthy habits, this type of honey can also assist with weight loss. Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight has long been regarded for its role in preventing and managing diabetes.

Moringa Vinga uses raw and pure honey that is unheated, contains natural enzymes, and comes directly from the hive. The honey we use is also local to Colorado, which can sometimes also serve the added benefit of helping manage seasonal allergies if you are from the area.


When trying to eat healthily, our focus tends to be on nutrition labels and values that detail calories, carbohydrates, sugar, fat, sodium, etc. It’s undoubtedly important to look at these allotments and have a basic understanding of the food groups as well as portions and recommended daily allowances. This can especially be helpful for people looking for help with diabetes management, so they can ensure their sugar intake is below the recommended amount to manage their blood glucose levels.

However, many people fixate on the numbers in the white box and fail to look at the actual ingredients that food products contain. This offers valuable information as to the contents of what you’re eating. Especially when you recognize each ingredient. This helps provide reassurance that your food doesn’t contain any chemicals, preservatives, or other harmful ingredients that sometimes make their way into the food we eat each day.

People with diabetes typically follow a sugar-free diet because artificial sugars cause major insulin spikes and worsen their condition.

As such, one of the biggest missteps that diabetic individuals make is placing honey in the same category as harmful, processed sugar alternatives.

However, when honey is consumed raw and entirely unheated, it can be a wonderful source of helpful enzymes that can possibly assist with metabolism.


The benefits of the functional ingredients covered in this article are just some of the key reasons many include our infusions into their daily practice. The fight against diabetes is real, and in addition to eating healthily, exercising regularly, and abstaining from alcohol and recreational drugs, the idea of incorporating herbs and nutritional supplements into a diet can be a very good one.

Each one-ounce shot of Moringa Vinga contains a dense serving of the three ingredients mentioned above, but our delicious infusions accommodate a range of tastes. The Spearmint & Rosemary infusion is an excellent option when it comes to promoting circulation and the Ginger & Lemongrass infusion is our go-to formula for supporting how the body fights inflammation. Ginger has also been known to help manage healthy insulin levels and protect against the development of cataracts and other diabetic eye impairments.