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Customer Reviews

3 days ago

Andrew Alexander

This is my favorite product and I'm beyond happy that I tried it! The benefits range in so many areas of overall health but I especially appreciate how this product cleared up my intense allergies! Now I use this daily! Thanks!

4 weeks ago
steven bourland

I drink this instead of coffee in the morning, and it takes down food cravings at night. Truly a delicious option anytime. Highly recommend.

1 month ago
Natascha Marie

I have been drinking the elderberry holy basil a few times each week, either in my morning smoothie or with juice and sparkling water for a mocktail at dinner. Delicious

1 month ago
Amanda Van Pelt

I love Kombucha and have included it as a part of my daily routine for years but I found Moringa Vinga to be more effective for digestive support and overall wellness — also, it tastes amazing!

1 month ago
Jonathan Hafemann

My wife and I love this as a healthy alternative to alcohol. We mix it with sparkling water and find all the flavors to be delicious and nourishing. We especially love the Elderberry during winter and before travel as an immune booster. Great product and made by great people.

1 month ago
Allison Hardy

Absolutely love this product. I quit drinking alcohol awhile ago and this has become my go to mocktail mixer. It’s so refreshing at the end of a stressful day. Enjoy!

1 month ago
Tara Geary

I use this everyday and highly recommend the elderberry and holy basil! They are a great Boulder based company and you can find many of their products at farmers markets.

1 month ago

My son and I just started on the product after picking it up at he Highlands Ranch farmer's market. We were surprised that the taste, taking it straight, was so good. I just have a suggestion with the bottling portion...is there a way to have it in a squeeze bottle or with another method of pouring it out? Reason is, when pouring it, you have the tendency to spill it more when poring it into a spoon or does someone have an alternative solution? Thanks!

1 month ago
Laurie Oberweather

My husband and I love making moringa part of our morning routine. We love the energy boost and numerous health benefits we feel it provide. We share the story of moringa infusions every chance possible.

1 month ago

I love this stuff…I’ve offered it to friends when they visit, I get a strange look until they try it. I’ve converted several friends to be believers. I’ve always bought it at farmers markets and was looking to find it sold in stores. Happy to know I can order it online. Wish it was at Sprouts or Whole Foods…or anywhere.

1 month ago
Danielle Weber

Refreshing! We have more energy and love our daily mocktails! We traveled with a bottle to the beach in Florida and enjoyed sipping mocktails while sitting on the beach.

1 month ago

I love this product! All of the flavors and health benefits are amazing. It is an essential part of my daily routine.

1 month ago
Hannah D.

My friend at work brought her Moringa Infusions in so that I could try it, I’ve never looked back! It’s as if you can feel the benefits upon drinking. Now I’m buying it as gifts for family and friends. Thank you for this new part of our health regimen!

1 month ago
Samantha H.

I’ve been using the ginger lemongrass and it has been helping me in the mornings with my nausea.

2 months ago
Amy Hafner
(verified owner)

Love these products so much!! I mix the elderberry and lemongrass/ginger ones everyday and love them together! So far I haven’t been sick at all since I’ve started drinking these daily so seeing many benefits! Will update again after a good year of drinking them!

2 months ago
Karen Keller
(verified owner)

I’ve been using Moringa Vinga since June of 2019. Drink it every morning and I feel great! Use to take an Aleve every day for aches and pains but no more! With my ginger lemongrass Moringa Vinga I’m not experiencing as many aches.

2 months ago
Joycelyn May
(verified owner)

I found out about Moringa Vinga more than a year ago at a Denver farmers market. I have since been drinking a shot of it with warm water every morning. The flavors are great! I've mixed it in cocktails and yogurt as well. And these days, who doesn't want an extra immunity boost!? My subscription arrives on time every month and Moringa Vinga has become a staple in my diet. Keep making great products!

2 months ago
Claudia B.

This stuff is so, so delicious! It felt like a splurge getting it, but what with the refreshing taste and the health benefits, and the fact that it lasts for quite a while, it is so absolutely worth it! As soon as I brought it home, explained what it was, and had my not particularly crunchy partner try it, he decided we needed one bottle of each flavor! Highly recommended.

2 months ago
Tammy Connelly
(verified owner)

I finally visited the Boulder Wednesday night Farmers Market last week and tried these out. I am hooked! They taste great and are such a fantastic substitute for an alcoholic beverage in the evening or iced tea during the day. I’ve eliminated Kombucha. These are my go to now! Love!

2 months ago
Kendall Jaye Pruitt

We love Moringa Vinga! Our whole family drinks it daily. Add some sparkling water and it is a delicious, refreshing and healthy treat!

Subscription Membership Questions

Can I change my Moringa Vinga infusions order after I subscribe?

Yes! You can easily add, subtract or change your future orders after your subscription begins. Our infusions are meant to be a part of your daily practice, so changing it up to meet your unique goals is something we most definitely support!

How do I login and manage my subscription on your website?

From any page on moringavinga.com, look for the person icon in the upper right-hand corner. Hover over the icon to reveal the login link.

Once logged in, click on ‘Subscriptions‘ at the left of the page. In the ‘Subscription’ tab you can make any and all adjustments to your subscription.

Can I change the frequency or scheduled date of my shipments after my initial order?

Yes, you definitely can! You can adjust your order frequency in the ‘Subscriptions’ tab of your online customer account. There’s also a calendar option where you can choose to change your future scheduled shipment date.

Can I pause my subscription if I’m heading out of town or just need to take a break?

Yes, absolutely! We’ve made it easier than ever to simply skip your next shipment. From your online customer account just head over to the ‘Subscriptions’ tab and view the specific subscription you would like to skip. Scroll down to ‘Skip Subscription’ in the ‘Modify Subscription’ area.

Is there an initial fee for subscriptions?

No, there are no fees associated with enrolling and you can stop your subscription at any time!

Is it easy to cancel my subscription for any reason?

We require a 3 shipment minimum, otherwise there are no restrictions and you can end it anytime with no penalties! This ensures we can give you our best price and means you get to fully experience the benefits of daily Moringa Vinga. However, if you cancel before you’ve received 3 shipments, you’ll be charged the full product price and shipping.

Customers who buy subscription products can view and manage their subscriptions from their online customer account. If you are not happy with your subscription, cancelling has never been easier.


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