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Customer Reviews

2 weeks ago
Emma Massie

Love this stuff helped a lot with my allergies & good to mix with sparkling water

2 weeks ago
Phil Leroux

This health drink place rules. I like to get the drinks from my local farmers market in Denver and enjoy the elderberry flavor. As I’ve been explained by the friendly people that work there apparently the drinks have like super sick health benefits but tbh I just really like the taste. It’s just like a kinda sweet and tart refreshing beverage, super money. Maybe some day I’ll try the other flavors. Unclear but for sure these drinks slap!

3 weeks ago
Caroline Colt

These guys rock! They support deserving non profits with every purchase, the product is amazing!! The elderberry is so yummy with sparkle water, my favorite summer beverage! Thanks for everything you do

4 weeks ago
Gary Peterson

Great natural product the body needs!

4 weeks ago
Amy P.

These vinegars are tasty and they help a lot with my reflux. My 10-year-old son loves them as well!

4 weeks ago
Mitzi C.

I thought the sour Moringa drinks would be like drinking apple cider vinegar every day but the Moringa actually helped my arthritic knees, unlike the results from just drinking plain vinegar. Within 3-4 days after drinking Moringa with iced soda water, my knees didn’t hurt anymore. I ran out of Moringa and my knee pain returned. Not sure why it works nor do I care why, because my knees feel so much better. Your Arkansas fan, now I can garden all day!!!

4 weeks ago

I put the G&L in my hot tea last night , and it added a unique, sweet flavor to my tea that seemed to help my stomach digest things a little easier after dinner. I used the E&HB in my morning breakfast shake, in which goes several ingredients. Again, there was that sweet, subtly tart flavor that came through and went well with the whole shake. I look forward to using this supplement daily to see how my body continues to improve

4 weeks ago

My wife and I have been enjoying the Elderberry Infusion and the Ginger Infusion. We put two tablespoons of the Elderberry and a can of Blackberry flavored Bubbly with ice. We put the Ginger with a can of Line flavored Bubbly. Both are delicious! Feel free to enjoy as we do!

4 weeks ago
Susan Isabel

I started with the Elderberry and Holy Basil infusion. It is very tasty and I used to drink regular apple cider vinegar. I am diabetic so I chose this one as Holy Basil is suppose to be good for blood sugar control and is used in several formulations for blood sugar support. Will let you know the effects of this infusion on any future A1C tests.

4 weeks ago
Tisha Petersen

I tried this product at a farmers market, bought a bottle & loved it. So glad to be able to order it online!

4 weeks ago
Luisa J.

I LOVE Moringa Infusions. I came across this product at a Farmer’s Market and was shocked by how good the tastes of each flavors were. They are all refreshing (especially the rosemary mint) and do not have any trace of artificial flavoring, which I find with other Kombucha type drinks I have purchased. The owners/representatives were extremely knowledgeable and took the time to explain the benefits of Moringa and answer my many questions. It was such a pleasure to meet people so passionate (but not pushy) about their product. You can tell they truly stand by what they promote and want everyone to experience the health benefits their product has to offer. The best part, however, is that 15% (which I find to be a large amount) of their profit goes directly to help others. Moringa Infusions has become a part of my daily routine and I will continue to share it with those I love and care about- my family, friends, patients, and clients!

4 weeks ago
Jon Matyjas

I bought the lemongrass ginger bottle and started to feel results within a week!
Love the product!
*I put one tablespoon in my morning coffee and another tablespoon in my bottled water at the end of my day!
Tough to explain but my internal motor is functioning so much better now.
I feel like a fine tune machine!!
Thanks again - it has become part of my daily routine!
Happy customer in Portland OR!

1 month ago
Karen N.
(verified owner)

I purchased the bottle of the Ginger & Lemongrass along with the Spearmint & Rosemary which I simply love at the Parker Farmers market. Today I purchased the Elderberry & Holy Basil so I will be excited to try tomorrow morning. I truly feel a difference in my energy level over the past couple of weeks and as a nurse I feel it is so important that we work on reducing inflammation to prevent chronic disease so this product is a win win it taste good and has many health benefits. I have been reading several articles on the Moringa plant and I highly recommend you try this product. So happy I can order online

1 month ago
Kirsten Boson Miller
(verified owner)

I love all the infusions in sparkling water! I choose which one based on my needs that day: immune support, digestive function or a mental enhancement. They always give me boost and I love having healthy mocktail option!

1 month ago
Michele Brouillette
(verified owner)

I first tried Moringa at a farmer's market and have had their product in my kitchen ever since. Daily I mix with sparkling water and head out the door. I feel so much better, from pain management to mental clarity, when I drink Moringa! The owners are extremely knowledgable and the product is delicious. I'm glad I found you guys!

1 month ago
Laura Whitlock

I love this stuff. I drink it daily and I've definitely noticed improvements in my health. Plus, I drink it with flavored soda water and it's so refreshing, I can't go without it!

1 month ago
Deb Phenicie

All of the flavors I've tried are delicious and I really appreciate the owners attention to quality ingredients that are responsibly sourced.

1 month ago
Neah Downs
(verified owner)

I have been drinking Moringa Infusions sipping vinegar for over a year now. My favorite is elderberry & holy basil – but I do enjoy all three blends! Moringa earned me as a loyal customer with their small batch quality, absolutely delicious and refreshing elixir – and for the holy basil and moringa which I really think reduces anxiety and inflammation if used as part of a healthy lifestyle. This is a delicious super-food and in the summer is very refreshing with sparkling water!

1 month ago
Dawn Richard

I purchased 2 of your vinegars at the South University farmer’s market 2 weeks ago. It has cleared up my daughter’s allergies. She drinks a glass with sparkling water every morning and now has no need to take pills. My daughter is ecstatic that she doesn’t need to take her pills anymore! She drinks the Elderberry and Holy Basil and I drink the Ginger and Lemongrass mixed with sparkling water every morning. Thank you!

1 month ago

I just picked this up at the Stanley Market Place Friday Market. I also bought a mocktail and I swear by the time I finished it my aches and pains from my new walking program were gone. Today I am going to drink it before I walk to see how that works. In 16 days I plan on buying one for my friend who suffers with allergies. I love love love the taste. I added a squeeze of lime and it made is more refreshing with the club soda I had on hand.

Subscription Membership Questions

Can I change my Moringa Vinga infusions order after I subscribe?

Yes! You can easily add, subtract or change your future orders after your subscription begins. Our infusions are meant to be a part of your daily practice, so changing it up to meet your unique goals is something we most definitely support!

How do I login and manage my subscription on your website?

From any page on moringavinga.com, look for the person icon in the upper right-hand corner. Hover over the icon to reveal the login link.

Once logged in, click on ‘Subscriptions‘ at the left of the page. In the ‘Subscription’ tab you can make any and all adjustments to your subscription.

Can I change the frequency or scheduled date of my shipments after my initial order?

Yes, you definitely can! You can adjust your order frequency in the ‘Subscriptions’ tab of your online customer account. There’s also a calendar option where you can choose to change your future scheduled shipment date.

Can I pause my subscription if I’m heading out of town or just need to take a break?

Yes, absolutely! We’ve made it easier than ever to simply skip your next shipment. From your online customer account just head over to the ‘Subscriptions’ tab and view the specific subscription you would like to skip. Scroll down to ‘Skip Subscription’ in the ‘Modify Subscription’ area.

Is there an initial fee for subscriptions?

No, there are no fees associated with enrolling and you can stop your subscription at any time!

Is it easy to cancel my subscription for any reason?

We require a 3 shipment minimum, otherwise there are no restrictions and you can end it anytime with no penalties! This ensures we can give you our best price and means you get to fully experience the benefits of daily Moringa Vinga. However, if you cancel before you’ve received 3 shipments, you’ll be charged the full product price and shipping.

Customers who buy subscription products can view and manage their subscriptions from their online customer account. If you are not happy with your subscription, cancelling has never been easier.


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