Moringa Vinga Gift of Health Box

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Each gift of health box includes:

(3) 8 oz. bottles of Moringa Vinga – mix or match flavors ($66 value)

(1) Moringa Infusions specialty pint glass, color & design may vary ($11 value)

(1) perfect pour 1 oz. shot glass ($4 value)

(1) long handle mixing spoon ($3 value)

(3) green pourer tops ($3 value)

(1) recipe & benefits card

That’s an $87.00 value!

Learn more about the powerful, adaptogenic moringa plant and why you need more of it today!

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(3x) Elderberry Holy Basil, (3x) Ginger Lemongrass, (3x) Spearmint Rosemary, Mix – One Of Each Infusion

28 reviews for Moringa Vinga Gift of Health Box

  1. Terry Steinborn

    I add the Spearmint/Basil to my smoothie every morning. Tastes great, and I feel it really does improve my clarity and focus. My husband adds it as the flavor to his Kombucha. I like it better than the commercial kombucha.

  2. Chris

    A very refreshing and energizing drink. It may even replace my coffee habit. I am a believer.

  3. Juli Perry

    This stuff is addicting in the best of ways! I love that something so good for you tastes so amazing. It’s part of my daily routine. I am a big fan!

  4. Lori Kaye

    I have been taking this wonderful sipping vinegar for the past 3 years. I chose the Ginger Lemongrass to help with my digestive system as well as the antii-inflammitory qualities. I have been amazed with the results. I hate going a day without my morning ritual of Moringa Vinga!

  5. Katelyn Badour

    These infusions truly are magic. I had a horrible sinus infection for two plus weeks and after trying vitamin C supplements, netty pots, and medications, I thought the infection was here to stay. Luckily, I was introduced to Moringa Infusions at the Parker Farmer’s Market and after hearing the schpiel, I was not sold. How can one plant extract have all these benefits? I explained my sinus infection that would not go away and the vendor was not phased at all. He guaranteed me if I did not feel any improvement after drinking a concentrated Elderberry Holy Basil fizzy mocktail that I could come back for a free drink. Unfortunately, I never got a few fizzy mocktail. Within two days of drinking the Elderberry Holy Basil Moringa infusion, I felt back to my normal self. Now I don’t usually write reviews, but I am forever sold and you should be too!

  6. Shannon Kennedy

    As a kindergarten teacher, I get a sinus infection each fall and spring. I began using Moringa every day (since July) I have yet to be sick one day this school year. I have seen many other benefits as well. More clear-headed, much more focused, reduced inflammation, less tired, didn’t feel the need for a nap. More productive in the evenings. Quit drinking coffee & did not feel ill effects.

  7. David Eisenhauer

    After meeting the Moringa Vinga team at a local farmers market and trying their products, I instantly fell in love with this infusion. I am a huge ginger lover and this mixture hits the spot like no other. It also helps to keep you hydrated — I can actually feel it since drinking 1oz every day! Thank you!!!

  8. David Eisenhauer

    I love all of the Moringa Vinga products, but this one truly is so refreshing. I mix it with regular water and it instantly lightens my day. Can’t recommend Moringa Vinga enough!!

  9. Jen

    I am 41, active and eat fairly healthy. My blood pressure had creeped up to 130/90. I didn’t want to go down the prescription drug route, and found this magic tincture at a farmer’s market. After six weeks of drinking this daily, my blood pressure is a healthy 110/70. So grateful for a natural solution:)

  10. Sabrina Rutledge

    Amazing product! Immense flavor, with excellent health properties! I’m absolutely addicted to this product. I suffer from GI issues and this magical elixir has been so beneficial. Try it in your favorite tea, hot or cold!

  11. Janet Dixon

    I have started regular apple-cider vinegar many times, but always fail due to the horrible taste. While visiting my niece overseas last month, she got me hooked! The flavors are yummy in plain water and do not leave any bitter after taste! Thank you for making me feel better.

  12. Deanna Acosta

    I LOVE this stuff! I have a lot of stomach problems and have a too many food sensitivities but if I take this in the morning it decreases the amount that my stomach hurts or that I get sick. I can NOT stand apple cider vinegar but this tastes so good I now crave it!

  13. Deb Diven

    I have to say, I am so impressed with these sipping vinegars! I’ve been familiar with moringa for some time, but the synergistic blend of moringa, vinegar, honey and various herbs have worked a miracle for me. I’ve had a great deal of pain in an arthritic knuckle of my right index finger. I realized after about nine days of drinking this magic potion that I no longer have this constant pain. This is nothing short of fantastic! The customer service is outstanding. The rating only allows for five stars…not enough stars!

  14. Greta

    I love this stuff!! Great health benefits and they all taste great too! I was happy to find your online ordering after discovering these at the local farmers market.

  15. Teri Fall

    We have been using Moringa Vinga for over a year, we have it every day. It has been the best for stabilizing gut health, boosting immunity and giving us energy to start our day. I have noticed reduced cravings and better focus since we have been taking it. We recommend Moringa Vinga to anyone that will listen. We alternate the flavors daily, but will call on Ginger if we had too much food indulgence, Elderberry and Holy Basil when we may not be feeling the best or maybe feel a little cold tickle, and Spearmint is good all the time giving focus. It is a bad day when we are out, so we are thankful for the monthly subscription service so that no longer happens. The best product and best customer service, I love stopping by the booth at the local farmers market. We highly recommend to anyone as a daily supplement for overall better health and wellness.

  16. Tisha Petersen

    I tried this product at a farmers market, bought a bottle & loved it. So glad to be able to order it online!

  17. Hannah D.

    My friend at work brought her Moringa Infusions in so that I could try it, I’ve never looked back! It’s as if you can feel the benefits upon drinking. Now I’m buying it as gifts for family and friends. Thank you for this new part of our health regimen!

  18. Ellen

    I love this stuff…I’ve offered it to friends when they visit, I get a strange look until they try it. I’ve converted several friends to be believers. I’ve always bought it at farmers markets and was looking to find it sold in stores. Happy to know I can order it online. Wish it was at Sprouts or Whole Foods…or anywhere.

  19. Nicole Sullivan

    Works just like apple cider vinegar, but tastes better. Great to add to sparkly water!

  20. Stacey Shank

    I’ve been using Moringa Vinga for the past three months now and love it! I especially love the recipe for protein bites that they sent me last month. All my friends that try them, love them! The Vinga really helps with inflammation and bloating. I’m a big fan!

  21. Meredith Lee McTigue

    Moringa Infusions was introduced to me at a farmers market a year ago. I’ve been a proud consumer ever since. I love all three Moringa Vinga offerings. Mocktails, cocktails, sweet treat, hot tea, juice for my daughter; Moringa Vinga is a staple in our house. I still need to try making salad dressings, oatmeal and other fun creations. I’ve chatted with co-founders, Rachael and Michal a few times. They’re always very helpful and upbeat. I highly recommend Moringa Vinga and the team behind the magic. Thanks!

  22. Kyndal Whitlock

    Loving all the flavors!!! Delicious 🙂

  23. Kerry

    Love using this every day. Love the energy and health benefits. Loved it so much I’m sharing as a gift for family.

  24. Sandy

    I buy all 3 flavors, Moringa Vinga is the best!!! I like to mix them all with lemon lime and sometimes use orange bubbly for the Ginger & Lemongrass and blackberry for the Elderberry. The flavor is great and the health benefits are a definite plus! So happy we stopped at the booth at the Parker Farmers Market and thrilled that I can purchase it here during the winter. Hopefully I won’t need the Lava Vinga but I plan to purchase some to keep on hand for the winter, just in case!

  25. Stephen (store manager)

    this is one of my favs! great combo.

  26. Martha Lugo (store manager)

    Moringa Vinga twice per day is one of my favorite tools as I navigate my wellness journey. It tastes great, I’ve noticed huge difference in my health including sleeping better, clear skin, no more acid reflux meds, and energy. I love this stuff and always look forward to drinking this amazing beverage!

  27. Hayley Park (store manager)

    Huge fan. I had the good fortune of meeting one of the founders at a Denver Farmers market and decided to try the 8 day challenge. I’ve been a repeat buyer ever since. I’ve now started sending the gift sets to my family.

  28. Michelle Standford (store manager)

    The best sipping vinegar which is great for your gut health!

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