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Holiday Stress Tips from Moringa Vinga

By December 23, 2019September 20th, 2020No Comments

happy friends celebrating christmas at home feast

The holidays are here.
Which means your diet and your stress levels might be a little out of whack. Your daily practice will most likely be thrown out the window.
Group gatherings…
Family dinners…
Holiday shopping…

However, there are a few ways to help hold yourself accountable and reduce stress. In this article, we’ll discuss how to stay on track during the holidays as well as how Moringa Vinga can help you fight holiday madness.

Staying on Track During the Holidays

Holiday Stress Tip #1:

Be Mindful

When it comes to your diet, going into the holidays with a clear vision of your health goals (if any) is key. Think about it, checking out the food on the dinner table can be overwhelming if you don’t know what to look for to stay on track with your goals.

If you’re craving that delicious pumpkin pie but know it’s filled with artificial ingredients and sugar, chances are you won’t feel good if you’re not used to consuming those types of foods. If you’re following a more restrictive diet like the paleo diet or the ketogenic diet, you’ll want to be aware of what foods you can eat without worrying about disturbing your stomach or throwing you out of ketosis.

Holiday Stress Tip #2:

Plan Ahead

We’ve all heard that saying “a goal without a plan is just a wish.” This rule goes for anything. A work task, a to-do list and yes, even your health. Preparing and planning can be extremely beneficial, especially if you know you’re more likely to give in to peer pressure or go off the rails during times of excitement or stress.

What are some ways to properly prepare for the upcoming feasts and temptations?

  • Go for the seasonal fruits and colorful vegetables first
  • Avoid unwanted calories with easy swaps and substitutions
  • Prepare a healthy food dish to bring and share

Morninga Vinga Workout

Holiday Stress Tip #3:

Stay Consistent with an Exercise Routine

Regardless of your exercise routine, getting some physical activity during the holidays can help you in a number of ways. Getting your exercise in during this hectic time helps you maintain a positive mindset, keep your energy levels high and even release some unwanted stress.

Still feel like getting in a full workout is next to impossible?

Try changing things up and split your physical activity into smaller, more manageable time intervals. Don’t have time to hit the gym? Try a short 15-minute walk outside or break a sweat within the comfort of your home with the help of fitness tutorial apps like NEOU and J & J.

Holiday Stress Tip #4:

Take Your Daily Serving of Moringa

Organic, raw apple cider vinegar and honey infused with adaptogenic herbs, flowers, and berries can be a great addition to your overall health and wellness in general, but especially during those times of stress.

The ACV found in our infusions provides a number of different benefits. One benefit is its ability to keep your digestive function in check. Not only that, but the lemongrass in our Ginger and Lemongrass Infusion is especially known for gut health. Why? It contains a component called citral. Citral is important because it helps your body digest food.

No wonder it’s been used in Chinese medicine for centuries! This will come in handy when you’re eating that delicious homemade pumpkin pie Aunt Beth made filled with who-knows-what

Another go-to for assistance with proper hormone health and blood glucose response is a shot of our Spearmint and Rosemary Infusion. If you had a night filled with sugary desserts and alcohol, taking a shot of this raw, organic infusion may help bring you back to balance

Our Elderberry and Holy Basil Infusion provides you with a number of properties to help support immune system health when you’re feeling stressed and run-down as well as reducing stress and anxiety levels for a calm and clear head

If you’re out of your daily practice and feeling stressed, take a step back, breathe and plan your next steps. Follow our tips for a successful holiday season and most importantly, enjoy yourself and the time you get to spend with family and loved ones.

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